Sunday, March 6, 2016

Assistance Package 161o

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

#The world needs more people like him.
No it doesn't.

#Your statement about refusing a cure is utter hogwash.
It wasn't. It was a pertinent point.

#Autism Speaks does not promote fear either, only a cure.
It has promoted fear many times.

#I have no idea why you think they will fall if they are moving away from that, as that would be contrary to your theory.
This is a stupid comment that shows he did not understand the point being made.

#People do not want autism gone from society. They want it cured.
Same thing.

#You are dead wrong in practically everything you said.
No they were not.

#Please provide at least one link to someone saying that they are scared of autism.
The commenter provided several.

#Oh wait, that's right. You can't because it doesn't exist.
It does, as subsequently proven.

#Ruby: Oh believe me, I know. Autism is a horrible disease, and no amount of ND lies will change that fact.
Oliver is lying - again. Autism is not a disease.

#I do oppose exceptions for rape and/or incest when it comes to abortion, because I don't believe either one justifies murder.
This is an ignorant point of view.

#The unborn baby in that case is totally innocent, and does not deserve to die due to someone else's horrible deed.
This furthers the ignorant point of view.

#There of course should be punishment, but it should be against the rapist, not the unborn baby.
And aborting the baby would be part of that punishment and would save the mother mental anguish.

#Also, it is extremely unlikely that a woman could get pregnant due to rape.
That is a demonstrably false statement and very disrespectful to women.

#As Congressman Todd Akin wonderfully said, "If it's a legitimate rape, she has a way to shut that thing down."
Akin got into trouble that remark and he withdrew it.

#Direct abortion is never necessary to save a woman, and science has proven that.
This is a patently absurd observation.

#However, if a woman's life is in danger, I would support taking measures to save her life, even if the baby dies as a result.
And this remark contradicted the immediately previous statement.

#I'm sorry, but that isn't good enough.
Nothing is good enough for Oliver.

#The post is very biased from an ND perspective, and is based on unsourced secondhand and thirdhand accounts.
There is no way Oliver could know whether or not the accounts are unsourced.

#What I was looking for is a firsthand perspective of someone expressing their own fear of autism.
There are many examples of this.

#Show me that, and I may believe that one ignorant idiot has that view.
There are many "ignorant idiots" as the commenter consequently demonstrated.

#I have yet to read those links so I will get back to you later.
This was a weak excuse showing that he wasn't really interested.

#I still haven't read them, but I very much doubt these people fear autism in the way that you claim.
If he would have read them, he would have got the message, and he fears learning something he doesn't want to.

#That statement right there just ruined your credibility.
No it didn't.

#The Combating Autism Act was created to cure autism, not because of fear.
It's the same thing.

#Yes, of course cancer and AIDS should be feared as diseases, and so should autism.
Autism is not a disease - yet again.

#The Discussion is trying to frame it as a form of discrimination when that is not what it is.
It is discrimination.

#The reason that scientists are still working on a cure for autism is because it is a disease that inhibits the lives of those who suffer from it.
No it only inhibits the lives of those who allow it to inhibit them.

#It should be feared as a disease, but not in the sense of demonizing the people who have it.
This is yet another contradictory statement on either side of the comma.

#Somebody might need to look in the mirror......
Indeed, and that someone should be you.

#Discussion: I speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God.
That doe not make you right, Oliver. In fact it's a very obvious smoke screen.

#I have done my absolute best to remain civil with you, but you are really starting to push my patience here.
Or to put it another way, Oliver doesn't want to listen.

#My statements are of course true, and they are backed up by scientific evidence.
No they are not.

#Yours are nothing more than hyperbole, and you failed to cite a specific example that outlawing neurodiversity would lead to innocent deaths.
I rather think that "hyperbole" has been presented very well as perfectly logical and correct.

#Informer: If that idiot wants me dead, I guess I must be doing something right.
No, Oliver, it means you are seen as threatening other people, which is the wrong thing to do.

#Wow, another idiot. Someone might need a 5150.
This is another case of something Oliver himself should be subject to.

#I'm not going to respond to any of those.
This is a major win for the commenter calling themselves "Science" as the links were firm proof that Oliver is wrong.

#Once again, the pot is calling the kettle black.
Once again, Oliver himself is the subject.

#No, it's not bullshit. I'm very smart. I received a high school diploma with honors.
Oliver is not smart and there is no proof that he has a diploma of any sort.

#You are wrong, and I do not need a 5150.
I think you do, Oliver.

#Plus, 5150s are for people who are insane, not mentally retarded.
They are for the gravely disabled, which can cover the mentally retarded.

#I am not insane.
That's debatable.

#From now on, anyone who questions my sanity or my intelligence will be permanently banned from this blog immediately.
That means virtually everyone was banned and this proved to be bluster.

#I have a diploma, and I am not lying. Don't you DARE accuse me of lying.
The accusation is valid.

#On March 2. Not a day earlier.
There is no valid excuse for the delay of two weeks.

#Because I don't have access to it until then, for reasons which are none of your concern.
This is an illogical comment that can easily be assumed to be a lie.

#No, I'm telling the truth. I do in fact have a high school diploma. I earned it legitimately.
There is no proof of this claim.

#It is impossible to "create" a high school diploma.
It is easy to do with a good photo shopping program.

#How dare you question my accomplishments?
In the absence of proof of said accomplishments, the question is valid.

#You have been permanently banned from this blog for daring to question the fact that I have a high school diploma.
This is a childish act.

#Do not curse at The Informer. He is right, and it is an excuse.
It's not.

#Fox Hills Mall is not within walking distance of where I live, and I have never even heard of the Zuma Corporation.
Fox Hills Mall is well within walking distance of Oliver's established home.

#Zuma is a beach in Malibu, which is more than a couple miles from my house.
The Zuma Corporation is not a beach anywhere let along Malibu.

#On a side note, my ex-girlfiriend and I did have sex inside Fox Hills Mall once.
That is impossible without a court appearance for a penal code violation.

#I sure did. Why would I lie about something like that?
Because you're an idiot.

#I am a grown man. I am 23 years old.
You aren't behaving like one, Oliver.

#I lost my virginity when I was 19.
Irrelevant, and unproven.

#Even if I was a virgin, it would not make me any less of a man. You become a man at 13 no matter what.
No you don't. There is a difference between being a physical man and a mature adult male, and Oliver is not a mature adult male.

#But honestly, let's think about this for a second. When I started this blog, I made no secret of the fact that I was still a virgin at the time, and I used it as the primary reason why I needed a cure.
It has always been said that this was a not a valid reason, primary or otherwise.

#I was always very honest, even if it didn't especially make me look good.
You were not always honest, Oliver.

#The fact that I lost my virginity without a cure (something I honestly never thought could happen), should be proof of the neurodiversity argument, and should defeat my previous argument that sex was not possible without a cure.
No it doesn't because you still want a cure, which imputes that you are still virgin.

#You guys should be claiming victory.
There is not victory when the lying continues.

#However, this proves me right in that you really don't care about autistic people at all, and you are just all about hating.
Oliver, you are the one who doesn't care about autistic people.

#You refuse to believe that I could possibly have lost my virginity not because you think it's because it's impossible for autistic people to have sex, but because you hate me simply because I tell the truth about autism.
No, people don't believe him because he is an established liar.

#If I was to lie, I would lie about still being a virgin in order to keep my original argument intact.
No you were losing that argument anyway so you changed it to try and win, and it failed.

#However, because I am very honest, I have simply modified my argument to include the fact that I was able to lose my virginity.
No I have already explained the real reason for the modification.

#It is still a problem for many autistic people, Elliot Rodger being a prime example.
Rodger was not autistic.

#Why would I go from saying autistic people can't have sex, to saying I lost my virginity? Why would I lie about that? There is no logical reason, especially since it hurts my argument and helps yours.
To try and fit in with the winning argument by removing that single losing factor, and yet keep the demand for a cure intact.

#You do not call me a jackass, and I have never lied. Please show me one instance when I lied.
There have been almost literally hundreds of occasions that Oliver has lied.

#That's right, you can't because I haven't.
We can because you have.

This assistance shall continue.

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